Which Email Marketing Platform to Use and Help Grow my Ecomm Business?

If you’re reading this you probably already have an ecommerce store and are wondering how to increase your brand revenue and engagement.

Lots of stores take for granted Ads’ ROI but there’s even a better strategy that will help you convert and engage with your potential customers who are indeed interested in your product/service. It’s not a secret that our Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency has been growing and growing since the pandemic, and this is mainly because new ecommerce stores have come into existence and bigger brands that were resilient with the idea had to begin this online business journey.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, even though this might seem like a lot of things to do, It’s actually easier than it looks. The first thing to do would be to pick an Email Marketing Platform that is suitable for your store, look for the one that has a good User Experience, excellent support team and that is easy to understand while building up your templates or automated emails/flows.

Klaviyo VS Mailchimp

One of the most known email marketing platforms is Mailchimp, this is mostly because of their excellent marketing and advertising but keep in mind there are other options in the market and you should do your own research before getting started.

YES, one of the first things you’ll probably focus on is the pricing but please, let me tell you that there are other important factors when deciding.

For us, here are a few points we like to consider when picking up a platform:

  1. Features

There are times when a low price is really attractive but take your time to compare the features that the plan offers and if they are aligned to your goals or at some point you’ll have to acquire some extra features or upgrade your plan.

  1. Integrations

Make sure that your ecommerce platform is supported by your email marketing one, for most of them you’ll find that it’s actually possible to connect it to your store but sometimes, depending on the configuration, you’ll have to make more steps or require a developer to help you with it. There are platforms such as Klaviyo that are so easy to integrate that you’ll be able to do it yourself.

  1. Customer Data

You’ll be able to collect detailed customer information based on behavior, signup form, tags and predictive analytics from each platform creating a detailed profile on each subscriber. A well data driven strategy can bring a lot of benefits to your brand so make sure you’ll be able to track and create a complete profile of your subscribers.

  1. Automation

It’s no secret that email marketing works so well when you set up automated emails, we’re not talking about transactional emails but Flows. Those which trigger with actions from the subscribers. Each platform has its own way of building up this triggered series of emails, pay attention to this feature since it can be an easy job to do or a real headache depending on the way it works for each platform.

  1. Reporting

When it comes to Marketing no matter which area of marketing we’re talking about numbers & analytics are our best allies so the metrics we can get from the platform of our choice are going to be crucial. Pick the one that has the most information possible and that also helps you gather it in a quick and efficient way.

  1. Customer Support

Last but not least Customer Support is crucial when it comes to using a platform you’re not expert on. You can always rely on Agencies to help you accomplish your email marketing goals but even so, a Customer Support that is responsive and cares will always matter and give tons of value to the product, in this case our Email Marketing Platform.

It’s not up to us to decide, do your research, evaluate the things you value the most and try it. There’s nothing more important than testing so go with your instincts and don’t let the pricing be the deciding factor for your business.

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