Advantages of Using Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services has long been a common method of securing a business. The main benefits of using a managed security service include cost savings, the ability to contract with a trusted third party and the ability to instantly implement enhanced security measures. Managed Security Services providers are an independent third party which employs staff whose duties are dedicated to managing your company’s security.

These staff members are specialized experts in network security, access control, data and software protection, firewalls and other relevant technologies. The cost of using a managed security service is offset by the increased productivity and the reduction in the risk of system downtime. It is a very effective method of controlling access and improving network security.

Managed security services typically is the primary monitoring and control of an organisation’s systems and devices, normally by a professional third party, usually referred to as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). The primary benefit to using a managed security service provider is the additional manpower and knowledge that an MSSP can offer, ensuring your organisation is constantly up-to-date with the latest security protection and eliminating the requirement to maintain complete internal infrastructure to support it.

An MSSP will also be able to assist in the detection and repair of vulnerabilities. These experts possess an in-depth understanding of the different types of vulnerabilities, their characteristics and how they can be exploited. Furthermore, these experts are trained to search out and analyse any potential threats to your computer network and develop solutions based on the information they have uncovered.

Another main benefit of using managed security services is the mitigation of the effects of any security vulnerability, which could impact a business. By conducting regular vulnerability assessment and risk management scans your MSSP will be in the position to spot new or existing vulnerabilities, and recommend the implementation of suitable counter measures. In addition to recommending countermeasures, a well-performing MSSP will also be able to minimise the damage done by vulnerabilities and, if identified, to mitigate the risk of such problems increasing. Depending on the severity of the vulnerability, a managed security services provider may be able to fix the vulnerability and/or stop it from escalating. Therefore, a reliable managed security services provider will have the expertise to quickly fix potential problem.

Perhaps the most popular benefits of using managed security services are the prevention of security breaches, including the prevention of hackers accessing data on company networks. This is because these specialists have expert knowledge and training in the detection and removal of various computer viruses.

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