How is a personal loan EMI calculator helpful?

Getting a personal loan to fulfil your financial needs has become easy today. The process involves fewer steps and gets completed online hassle-free. You also get various tools from lenders to aid you in the application process. One such tool is a personal loan EMI calculator.

It is a free tool that you can use multiple times to estimate the loan amount and equated monthly instalments (EMI). It helps you plan your repayment for the loan and ascertain the loan cost. It is a helpful instrument to use before you apply for personal loan. Let us understand how:

Estimating the loan amount: It is essential to have an idea of the loan amount payable to plan your budgeting. The EMI calculator for personal loan shows results for the same. It is vital to maintain a debt-to-credit ratio when paying off loans. Lenders usually provide loans not exceeding 30 per cent of your income. It is best to stick with that instead of opting for a higher amount unless necessary.

Adjusting variables: The EMI calculator is a free tool, and you can use it multiple times. Thus, enabling you to check different possibilities by tweaking the variables. The changes you make in your preferred interest rate, loan tenure and principal amount impact the EMI and loan amount you get. Hence, use it wisely to try different strategies to get a favourable loan cost.

Plan repayment: Estimating the EMI payable on the loan is an excellent way to plan to pay it back. It is best to do this before applying for the loan to have a repayment strategy in place. By using the instrument, you get accurate results on the EMI and loan amount. Hence, helping you sort your expenses and inculcating the instalments in your budget proactively.

Compare lender offers: Almost all the lenders provide the EMI calculator personal loan on their websites. It is to ensure convenience in your loan application process. They have customized calculators adjusted based on their offers and policies. You select from the pre-set variables that the particular lender offers. Hence, it helps you compare their offering to choose the lender according to your needs.

Quick results: Most of us face confusion about our qualification for the loan and the amount we can get. For this, many lenders have provided tools like the personal loan eligibility calculator and the EMI calculator. These are easy to use and provide accurate results within seconds. There are no restrictions on the times you can use it.

Amortization: The loan amount we get has three break-ups. They are the principal amount, the interest charged, and the costs involved. It is essential to know them to estimate the actual loan cost accurately. Thus, an EMI calculator gives you an estimation of both the EMIs payable and the loan amount you get.

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