Hiring Commercial Window Cleaning Services In Inverness: Think Beyond Price!

Let's talk about aspects that matter while comparing commercial window cleaners in Inverness!

When it comes to maintenance of commercial premises, some cleaning jobs are more regular – such as floor cleaning and sanitization. On the other hand, there are other upkeep & cleaning tasks that must be done periodically – exterior window cleaning, maintenance of air conditioners and washing different facades. If you need help with window cleaning Inverness, there are reliable local services around, but as a client, you have to think beyond the estimate. Yes, getting a quote is absolutely necessary, especially if you don’t wish to settle for a yearly contract, but don’t let the price impact your decision alone.

Below, we are talking about aspects that matter while comparing commercial window cleaners in Inverness.

Workplace safety measures

Working at heights & exterior window cleaning are considered risky jobs. This is an industry that’s prone to accidents, and workers have suffered serious injuries, often because of trip & fall situations. Find a company that hires workers and operatives on payroll. Ask them about health & safety responsibilities, and things they do to keep their team safe. Many companies in the region have made it mandatory to send workers for health & safety training and have adequate preparation to handle onsite accidents and mishaps. As a new client, you can also ask about accident history.

Find what more they offer

Many local companies in Inverness also offer other services beyond window cleaning, such as graffiti removal and also power washing. If you want to hire one company for exterior building maintenance and for clean-up of facades, find a service that’s more versatile. With such services, you can actually negotiate the costs better.

Know their market credentials

If a company claims to be the best in commercial window cleaning, they will have enough clients and will offer references on request. You can also independently verify their market standing and reputation by checking for online reviews, if they have complaints against them, and whether clients have anything negative to say about the work process.

Final word

The actual process of window cleaning has become much safer now, with many companies relying on Reach & Wash systems. While others also rely on rope access, machine access, to get the job done. As long as the company is licensed and has necessary permissions, you don’t need to worry much. Just make sure that the quote is transparent and final, with no room for hidden costs or additional charges.

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