Understanding the Costs of Liquor Licenses in Florida

If you own a business engaged in the sale of liquor in Florida, you might be familiar with the process of getting a liquor license in the state. But, licensing costs can still be confusing. How much is a liquor license in Florida? Because the fees for the various kinds of licenses vary, here is a guide to help you out in the licensing process:

Licenses for Beer and Wine

Are you selling beer or wine? If so, there are some possible licenses. The costs of these licenses vary, especially depending on county sizes:

  • Beer package sales (1APS. Depending on the size of the county, the fee is between $20 and $100, plus 40% of the fee.

  • Beer consumption on premise (1COP). For this license, you will have to pay between $40 and $200, plus 40% of the fee.
  • Beer and wine package sale (2APS). This license costs between $60 and $140, plus 40% of the fee.
  • Beer and wine consumption on premises (2COP). Between $120 and $280, plus 40% of the fee.

For the Sale of Beer, Wine, and Liquor Together

 These costs also vary depending on inclusiveness of the packages and the size of the county in which the business operates.

  • 3PS, 3APS, 3BPS, 3CPS, 3DPS. The fees are $1,365, $1,170, $975, $643.50, and $468, respectively.
  • 4COP, 5COP, 6COP, 7COP, 8COP. The fees are $1,820, $1,560, $1,300, $858 and $624, respectively.

Special Licenses

Aside from the regular licenses for beer, wine, or for all types of liquor, there are also club and special licenses of which fees vary by the type of establishments. Businesses like lodges and other club licenses, performing arts, and private golf clubs for beer, wine, and liquor consumption on premises will have to pay $400 for the license fee. The fee for a special club license for beer, wine and liquor consumption on premises is $1,750.

Getting your Florida Liquor License

Florida organizes annual lottery and grants liquor licenses to the winning participants. Because of the quota of liquor vendors, with every increase of 7, 500 residents of a county, a new quota license is made. The fee to take part in the lottery is $100. Also, keep in mind that the fee to transfer a license is 10% of the annual feel without the 40% surtax. Within the year, the license period can take place from the 1st of October to the 30tho of September and from the 1st of April to the 31st of May.

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