Your Guide to Sanitary Pumps

What are Sanitary Pumps & their uses?

Sanitary Pumps are a kind of pump that is mainly used for commercial work. They are used in factories and many industries to transport solutions and food collides to the further functioning departments. It is mainly used by agricultural industries, dairy industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more.

How do they work?

These Sanitary pumps function on the basis of pressure, viscosity, flow, etc. The functioning as well as efficiency of each pump varies from one another. Industries have sanitary pumps on the basis of their requirements such as the purpose of the pumps, the material that is going to be transferred through it, etc. Many industries use pumps to divide the ingredients into various batches. Some also use it to filling up the containers or evacuate them.

Sanitary pumps come in different shapes and sizes. Each of them has different efficiency and performance value. It is therefore important to determine the use of pump before purchasing it for the purpose.

Types of Sanitary Pumps

As we mentioned above, these pumps come in all sorts of sizes and with different capacities. This is also one of the factors that is used to determine the right pump that can be used for the job.

Apart from that, the type of sanitary pump also plays a vital role in determining its usage. These pumps come in 4 basic types.

  • Jet – Jet sanitary pumps draw energy from the electric motor to push the fluid out of the nozzle.
  • Centrifugal – Centrifugal pumps use centrifugal force to produce velocity and it forces the fluid out of the outlet valve.
  • Positive Displacement – Positive displacement pumps uses the vacuum to draw more fluid. The vacuum is created with the help of impellers, rollers or gears.
  • Airlift – Airlift as the name suggests combines gas or air with the liquid inside to increase its weight. This further results in the air-liquid mixture to rise inside the pipe and gets discharged outside.

What are the commonly used sanitary pumps?

Although there are 4 basic types of sanitary pumps, centrifugal and positive displacement are the most commonly used pumps in the industries. The efficiency of these pumps also changes depending on the viscosity of the liquid. However, if the viscosity of the liquid is higher, the efficiency of centrifugal pump decreases. And if the viscosity of the liquid inside positive displacement pump is increases, the efficiency also increases.

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