Where can I find the best local movers?

If you haven’t yet found the best local movers within your past experiences with moving in Toronto, this search might get quite stressful. Especially if you add it to the already existing worries about the heavy furniture, boxes over boxes, and narrow stairs that someone will eventually have to climb up and down carrying everything. There are hundreds, if not thousands of moving companies in Canada. Many of these are based in Toronto. Moreover, the internet is this giant maze of websites belonging to professional moving companies, many promising to offer you the best local movers for your upcoming Toronto move. So how can you tell which movers are actually the best for you?

Many times, it might seem like every moving company is offering the exact same moving services and they all advertise themselves as being the best movers in Toronto. Which, obviously, in most cases is really far from being true. And believe us, we’ve been in the moving industry for more than 10 years now and we did see and hear a lot. We promise not all moving companies in Toronto are the same, not even by far. They also don’t offer the same level of professionalism when it comes to the moving services they provide. The moving costs differ from one company to another, as well.  At the same, what works for one person might be a big no for another, so whenever you search for the best local movers in Toronto, be mindful of your own personal needs! This way, you will know exactly what to look for in a moving company and things will get easier for everyone involved. There are, however, some things you should look up for when searching for the best local movers.

Years of experience

If the movers you found have been in business for many years now, chances are they are highly experienced. You will figure this out from the moment you call them to get an estimate for your move, from what and how they ask you. The larger and more difficult the move, the more experienced you want your movers to be. You definitely don’t want your movers to get exhausted after two hours, when there are at least five more ahead! Check the movers’ websites, see how active they have been, see what they have to offer, and then give them a call to find out more. You will easily tell if they are among the best local movers, just from the look of their websites and the professionalism of customer care services.

Licensed and insured

This is crucial. You want your movers to be licensed and insured. Otherwise, in case of accidents or damage, you risk having your belongings destroyed and not covered for. Any moving company that is not licensed and insured is not reliable and should be avoided. A quick visit to their website will offer you the company’s licensing and insurance information. If you cannot find that information online, give them a call and ask. Reliable movers will always showcase this information on their websites, as well as the awards achieved over the years and other information that will prove to you they are among the best local movers in Toronto.

Positive online reviews

In case you cannot find referrals, you should know that most moving companies have lots of online reviews. The opinions of many former customers are all gathered on platforms such as Yelp and Homestars, and reading them will give you an idea about what to expect from the movers you are planning to hire for your next Toronto move. The best local movers will be endorsed by hundreds of customers, so don’t underestimate the power of online reviews! If you find some negative reviews among loads of positive ones, this is fine. But if the amount of negative reviews is too high, move along and start looking for a different moving company.

Prices and services

Before booking with a moving company, make sure you know exactly what you get and for approximately how much money. The best moving companies will offer you free estimates and will also tell you exactly what is included in those prices. Read their terms and conditions carefully and ask them about anything that is not clear to you! Many companies, including Let’s Get Moving, offer all-inclusive hourly rates. This way, you will not have to worry about having to pay extra for anything! You will be in full control of the costs of the move and you will know from the very beginning what you get for that money.

Find for the best local movers for you

There is no such thing as the absolute best local movers – not in Toronto, not anywhere else. What you need to find are the best local movers for you, for your own needs, and for your own budget. There is no universal answer to who the best local movers are. Decide by yourself for a moving company whose services you feel comfortable with from the moment you call to get an estimate, to begin with. If they offer all the moving services you are looking for, that is just great. But if they offer you professional moving services at affordable prices, you just found yourself the best movers for your next local Toronto move.

Let us prove to you that we are those movers! Call now to get an estimate and all the details you need to know about how we will handle your move!

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