What do Exactly BPO Companies do?

Whenever we have any questions or discrepancies with a particular product or a service that we have purchased from a company, we call on a “customer service” number or drop an email to the “customer support” email ID. But do our emails and calls get answered by the company’s employee or is there a third party involved that takes care of all the customer care related queries?

The answer to this question can differ depending on that particular company. Some companies prefer to handle all their customer related queries by themselves. They hire an employee who is dedicated to handling customer support. But there also are many companies that outsource as it gives them efficiency to focus on the growth of the business and also help by saving the money that is spent when employees are hired.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process where the company hires a third party to look after the particular process of the business. This allows the business organization to focus and direct all its manpower in the growth of the company. It also saves a lot of money as they don’t have to hire people for that particular process. The companies are also benefitted by outsourcing tasks in BPOs in the Philippines and other countries that provide great customer service as it allows them to work on its quality and help the company grow. Many companies now outsource their activities that are “secondary priorities”. These outsourcing units provide good quality customer service to the customers of that particular company.

BPOs are divided into various categories depending on the companies they serve. We have listed some of the popular categories below:

  • Data Entry Outsourcing: Every company has the need for data entry under two categories which is online & offline. Online data entry includes gathering data from online sources such as websites, blogs, etc. Offline data entry includes jobs such as Word document data entry, form filling, etc.
  • Call Center Outsourcing: This is the most popular category of outsourcing. It normally deals with providing customer support which is usually available 24×7. It is commonly known as an inbound call center. The other two parts of call center outsourcing are an outbound call center and technical support which includes job such as generation of leads, calling the customers, etc and technical support for certain products respectively.
  • IT Services Outsourcing: This deals with the outsourcing of software development. The employees help the customers with certain technical issues or requirements from the product or services.

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