What Can You Do to Keep Your Home Insurance Premiums in Check?

Home is the best and the single largest investment that most individuals make. It is a lifelong asset that many wish to treasure and hold on to. While buying a new home can be a long process that requires substantial capital, it is essential to protect it against any potential perils. These can be from perils of nature like floods, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc along with other forms of man-made hazards like damage and destruction. Therefore, a home insurance cover is the perfect safeguard against these perils.

Homes are generally purchased using borrowed funds from banks or financial institutions where home insurance is compulsory as per the terms of the lending agreement. While it may add to the overall cost, multiple factors determine it. The geographical location of your home, type of construction, age of the structure are some of the factors that impact the home insurance quotes. While these elements might vary the premium, the following tips can help you keep a check on them. Let’s have a look –

Selecting the policy judiciously 

Shortlisting the right policy may not be easy at first. You need to consider multiple checkpoints that might be essential to your home insurance cover. It requires considerable time and effort but helps you save money on premiums. Based on the coverage of your policy, the premiums are priced. These quotes can be found on the insurance company’s website and you can select one that suits your requirements.

Increasing the deductible element of your policy

The deductible is that amount which you, the policyholder, are required to contribute towards the claim. This deductible increases the out of pocket expenses when a claim is made and thus lowers the premium for your home insurance. The deductibles to your policy vary from the insurer to the type of policy chosen. Thus, it helps you save money in the long run.

Find possible markdown in premiums

Insurance companies have a concession on premiums that aren’t always advertised. When you enquire about them, that is when you get to know about such markdowns. For instance, the premium is lower in the case of senior citizens or retired applicants as there is a higher chance for them to stay at home lowering the risk of burglary and theft.

Install security measures

Adding security systems like surveillance cameras, fire alarms and sprinklers and more can help to save premiums. These features help to mitigate the chances of damage to the house thereby increasing the security levels. This in turn helps the insurer lower the premiums for your policy.

Maintaining a decent credit score

One lesser-known factor that impacts the premium is your credit score. Maintaining a good credit score can lower the premiums while keeping good track of your finances. Timely bill payment, rectifying any errors in your credit history can aid in upholding a good credit score.

These are some ways how your premiums can be lowered for your home insurance policy. While there are myriad options to choose from, a home insurance calculator can help to compare and pick a policy that suits you’re the best. Keep in mind these nifty tips to get the best deals on home insurance quotes. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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