Using Winch-Assisted Machines for Skidding Log Safely and Efficiently

Winches are pieces of equipment that improve log safety on some of the toughest logging sites. They act as an anchor for heavy equipment and make it possible to log a lot of steep slopes from the safety of a cab instead of cutting trees on foot.

Loggers have to cut the slopes that are too steep for a buncher. They walk down the steep terrain and cut trees by hand using chainsaws. This is a very dangerous job to perform. A winch-assisted machine allows a lot of sites to be logged safely and efficiently.

Getting the Wood Out

When trees are felled and trimmed, they will be skidded to landings to be placed on trucks and hauled to the mill. This part of the logging process requires the use of specialty tools and pieces of equipment. While loggers can wrap the log with a chain, log tongs can grip the log securely and help lift it when using a treuil. Skidding a log involves raising an end of the log, so it can easily be dragged to its destination. These days, loggers can use tractors, trucks, and other winch assisted machines are used.

How a Winch Assist Logging System Works

The base machine anchors into place on a flat ground above the slope. Users will only have to dig, point the bucket forward, and get it down. The boom should not move. Then, the cable from the winch must be connected to the buncher. Remote control is used for controlling the strength of the winch’s pull on the buncher.

The Environmental Impact of the System

Forest harvesting activities have a significant impact on forests. Truck roads, the use of heavy equipment, and skidder trails can be damaging to the woodland environment. Also, they can negatively impact water quality and cause soil erosion.

Logging operations need some form of support when performed on any slope steeper than 30%. A winch assist machine lets operators do their work without making a significant impact on the soil. As operators have to deal with heavy rains, the machine keeps sediments from reaching waterways. Sediments wash away the rich soils the forest operators develop for decades.

Logging is one of the most dangerous occupations and a lot of safety precautions must be kept in mind to avoid injury. Vehicles used as skidders are equipped with rollover cages and seat belts to ensure the operator is protected when the equipment turns over or a tree falls on it.

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