Transplanting Large Trees: Things Worth Knowing!

It doesn’t take a lot of time to cut down a tree. Planting & growing one can take years. As we battle environmental concerns and climate change, it is important to take steps towards preserving large and mature trees. If you are moving between properties, you may want to relocate some of the threes on your current property. This is a seamless process for customers. All you have to do is call Environmental Design Inc When you need a large tree transplanted. Yes, there are professional tree moving services that can handle your requirements, and they will ensure that your trees are safe during the course of transport. If you need to store the tree safely before your new home is ready, these services can help with that, as well.

How are large trees transplanted?

There are certain seasons that work best for transplanting specific species, so a tree moving service will consider all of that. Typically, the best companies rely on what is called a hydraulic spade to get the roots ready and out, and these spades ensure that there is minimal or no damage to the roots. The tree is then prepped for the transport, which may mean keeping the tree in a certain form for a few weeks, so as to get it acclimatized for the moving. Once everything is ready, the tree will be transplanted to its new location.

Is it safe?

As long as you are working with the right tree moving service, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the tree, or the process. They will take all possible steps to minimize the impact of moving, and their experts will do what is needed to keep the tree safe during the course of the journey. The best thing about tree moving services is their experience. No matter how large or old a tree, they can transport and get it transplanted. Will the tree survive in the new location? That depends on several factors, including soil conditions and whether. If there is a slight chance that the tree may not survive after relocation, the moving service will give you a realistic idea of the same.

The cost of tree relocation depends on factors like size, species, condition and age of the tree, but you can always get an estimate in advance. If you have specific landscaping needs, make sure to discuss the same, as many tree movers also have their own plantations and can get ready trees to your yard.

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