Top 5 Real estate brands ideal for First Time Homebuyers

Looking for properties as a first time home buyer? Searching for properties through trustworthy real estate companies can allow you to focus on other essential aspects of property planning like securing a home loan. You must ensure that you do your research and avail a loan at the right home loan interest rates. Real estate companies can not only feel daunting to compare but finding the right one can make a world’s difference to the property you end up buying. Consider these trustworthy beginner-friendly real estate brands to guide you through the process and help you narrow down the best properties.

  1. Omaxe Ltd

Founded in 1987 by a civil engineer and first generation entrepreneur, Omaxe Ltd primarily focused on construction contracting but has now diversified into the world of real estate as of 2001. It has delivered about 119 million square feet of space as real estate and construction contracting. It is considered among India’s top trusted and leading real estate companies. In 2007, Omaxe was listed on both NSE and BSE as among the top performers in India’s stock market.

  1. Godrej Properties

Combining a 122-year legacy of trust with excellency, Godrej Properties is among the top ten real estate companies available in Hyderabad. In 2010, with its successful IPO, Godrej Properties became publicly listed where it was able to earn $100 million. It has seen a sales growth of 9.90% in the last three years from 2016 to 2019.

  1. Oberoi Realty Ltd.

One of the top real estate companies from Mumbai is Oberoi Realty Ltd. Its sales growth from 2016 to 2019 has been pretty staggering at 22.18 %. In the last three decades, with its consistent quality parameters and top quality design, Oberoi Realty Ltd. has made a world’s difference by creating properties that offer ease, efficiency, and comfort to those who choose to live in their spaces.

  1. Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.

Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd was established in 2006 but has grown to become among the leading providers in luxury residential homes across the country. They focus on the construction and development of residential and commercial properties. In the last three years, its sales growth has been a solid 18.65% and it stands as the largest real estate provider in Chennai.

  1. DLF Ltd

DLF Ltd is among the oldest real estate companies in India. It was founded in 1946 and started with the urbanization of 22 colonies around Delhi. By 1985, DLF Ltd had expanded its creation of exceptional living spaces to Gurugram. Today DLF India is the largest real estate provider in the company that is publicly listed on the stock market indexes. It has created residential, retail, and commercial properties in 24 Indian cities across 15 states.


Once you narrow down your real estate provider, check your eligibility and monthly EMIs with a Home loan EMI calculator are easily available online for the same purpose. Remember, your home loan interest rates will depend upon your credit worthiness and your provider. So, it is a good idea to be prepared and do your research before finalising a home loan.

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