Three Reasons to Use Software-Based when Inspecting your Plant Assets

Routine inspections of your plant equipment can help in discovering possibly dangerous hazards or defects. This ensures the health of your plant assets so things run smoothly all the time. You need this inspection to keep your total cost of ownership low and streamline your performance management process.

In this digital age, you want to take advantage of software-based inspections. Mobile asset inspection allows continuous and efficient refining of your inspection process, enhancing plant safety, obtaining data into the hands of major decision-makers, and reducing long-term repair expenses. If you are wondering why you should implement software-based asset inspection, considers the reasons below:

Increase Operator Efficiency

Digital data collection systems from Tervene respect the limited resources and time of your field operators. With this option, there is no need to transcribe and upload data manually. Software-based inspection systems automatically sync data to a searchable, reportable database. Also, they encourage field operators to take immediate action when necessary. The software identifies the specific operator that should check certain assets.

Improve Safety and Compliance

Process industries leverage the use of asset inspections to ensure plant safety. Routine inspections are important to make sure vial pumps, transformers, and generators do not fail. Even minor issues can escalate and become an uncontrollable problem when not addressed early. Digital inspections can help in catching a lot of possible risks before they become liabilities. They will notify managers of any changes or anomalies in the assets right away, carry out consistent inspections based on exact inspection standards, and keep a log of each inspection done on every asset.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Digital plant inspections and data collections result in less downtime and lower repair costs. This is accomplished by prompting field operators to inspect a certain asset on a certain day. There is no need for managers to keep their own separate scheduling system for their operators and manually assign them to inspection tasks.

A software-based system makes it possible to resolve issues when found. Digital data collection systems automatically schedule recurring inspections at defined intervals based on the schedules of the operators and the needs of a certain asset. In fact, managers can even set up various inspection frequencies for various assets. This lets them discover possible issues early and perform maintenance repairs. With software-based inspections, plant operations managers don’t have to keep track of a time-consuming paper trail or supervise major repairs which could have been prevented with routine inspections and maintenance.

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