The Benefits of Call Answering Services for Law Firms

As a busy law firm, your legal services may be in high demand that your office is getting more calls than it can handle in a day. Well, the high volume of calls is a good thing for your firm, but unless you can answer them all, you risk losing the callers to another law firm.

You don’t want this to happen. Unfortunately, you or your staff cannot answer all the calls you get right away. But don’t worry, there’s a solution that can work best for you; a law firm answering service. Let’s check what the service entails and what it does for your firm.

But first,

How Does the Law Firm Answering Service Work?

Well, a law firm answering service consists of live receptionists professionally trained to handle client calls. These individuals specialize in friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable service.

When the client calls your law firm, the call is answered by people who act as an extension to your firm’s office. The agent provides the caller with insightful information regarding your firm, collects necessary details allowing you to decide whether you can take their case or not. And yes, they can also take messages, transfer calls or make appointments.

Here are the primary benefits of a law firm answering service.

  1. Keep Your Staff Working

During busy call times, most law firms engage their non-receptionist staff to answer client calls. But in doing so, these people have to leave their tasks to answer calls.

Once they return to their stations, they may take time to regain concentration. However, with a law firm answering service, your employees will not need to interrupt their tasks to answer client calls. With this, they can continue working on your client cases which increase productivity.

  1. Never Miss a Client’s Call Again

If a client calls a law firm and the call is redirected to voicemail, most of them hang up and contact the next law firm on their list. You don’t want this to happen to your firm.

With a law firm answering service, you’ll never miss a call again. This means if you are in court, at home, or meeting a client, your calls will be handled by a knowledgeable person, who will engage them as an employee and note down all the relevant details.

  1. 24/7 Availability

Many lawyers forget the most important aspect of marketing – lead capture. Well, generating business leads is not enough, you need to capture them. But how do you do this?

By answering the phone when potential customers call. Available data shows that 20 per cent of the calls legal clients get are on weekends, holidays or at night. Unfortunately, 73 percent of law firms don’t answer calls outside office hours. Why does this matter?

If you don’t capture the leads you generate, you’re wasting your marketing budget. the potential clients are under pressure to resolve a pertinent legal issue. If you don’t respond to their calls, they’ll move to the next law firm.


Law firms do it all. Between mediation, litigation, strategizing about cases, advising clients, writing briefs, and staying up to date with legislation and regulatory changes. With this, they don’t have time to answer their client calls. If you find yourself in this situation, engage a law firm answering service to answer client calls.

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