Source Packaging Supplies Directly From The Manufacturers

Are you in the process of identifying the best packaging supplies companies? Have you been considering many suppliers and wondering where can I get large boxes for heavy products in the most hassle free way? If yes, then this is one of the challenges of all product manufacturing companies.

One could source their packaging supplies through the sourcing agents, secondly, from the wholesalers and thirdly directly from the manufacturers. When you are ordering your bubble wrap shipping supplies, cardboard boxes or wooden crates, it is vital to get the most dependable quality supplies. Similarly, it is also important that you get your products at the right prices.

Sourcing directly from the manufacturers will help you get both in the most satisfactory way. However, one of the glitches is that your manufacturer will have their own minimum order quantity requirements to process your order. You will not be able to order below the MOQ. If you are a small sized operation, your order volumes are likely to be low. You could still order from a manufacturer that distributes their products directly to customers by clubbing multiple orders. You could source for the entire year if you are sure the packaging supplies specifications are not going to change for the rest of the year. This will help you meet the minimum order quantity requirements of the manufacturer. If you do not have enough space to store the packaging supplies for the entire year, you could have the supplies delivered in a phased manner.

There are manufacturers that directly distribute the orders to the customers instead of going through a sales distribution network. They understand that not all customers will be able to meet high MOQ values and they are therefore ready to entertain low volume orders. You should look for such manufacturers to source your packaging supplies.

Never order your packaging supplies from any manufacturer before you have reviewed and screened their reputation and industry credibility. If possible, source your packaging supplies from a local Orange County or Los Angeles manufacturers. This will help speeding up the sourcing process, as you do not have to wait for long durations for your orders to be delivered or pay a huge shipping fee for your packaging supplies.

If you can identify the most dependable packaging supplies company once, then you would not be wasting anymore time screening your manufacturers. Only initially you may have to go through a long and tedious search and upon identifying a manufacturer that is capable of meeting your requirements, you just need to approach them for all your future requirements too.

Some of these packaging supplies manufacturers have the largest selection of supplies. In other words, you do not have to look for multiple companies but you can order your supplies from a single company. This will reduce the hassles involved in sourcing packaging supplies and also save time. You will also be able to get better quotes from your manufacturers when you source all your supplies from a single source.

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