Red Team Review for Government Proposals

One of the most important review teams involved in the process of government proposal development is the Red Team Review. To compete for a Federal Contract opportunity a lot of efforts, time, budget, and resources are needed. You need to be prepared from the very beginning, at least from the time that the first Draft Solicitation is released by the customer. In this case, the customer is a federal, state, or local agency.

The process is lengthy, complicated, and filled with regulations and bureaucracies. At the end of the day, we’re talking Government here, right? It’s all about laws and meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Never the less, given the advantages that most of the businesses reap from being federal contractors, the fierce competition to become one is definitely worth it.

New networks, new opportunities, and secure money are guaranteed. All you need to do is well-organize your pursuing process and define well the strategies that you’re going to use to increase your winning chances.

The topic is broad and abundant; therefore, we’re jumping to the review part – the part in the proposal development when the role of the Red Team Review is on focus.

Understanding the function of the Red Team Review

Red Team Review takes its role when the proposal draft is nearly 95% complete in terms of writing. Usually, the team manager and other members are assigned early in the writing process in order to have the right amount of time to make the right revisions.

It’s important to use a refined and agile proposal review process designed to validate the effectiveness of many elements such as:

  • Compliance of each section of the proposal conform the RFP requirements;
  • Statement benefits according to the highest standards;
  • Content optimized to give the ideal solution for the customer;
  • Layout, format, text length, and other design elements properly placed;

What’s important is that the team reviews the proposal from the customer’s point of view. It assesses each part to make sure that it meets all the evaluation criteria. An effective proposal review by an experienced red team can impressively increase the potential of winning the contract award!

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