Reasons for Reconditioning the Transformer Rather than Replacing It

Transformers have been deemed of great importance in the electricity infrastructures across the world. It would be used for stepping up the power to the transmission voltages along with stepping down power to distribution voltages. It would be required for supplying both industrial and domestic consumers.

However, transformers have a limited life. Their life would be dependent on the operating routines. It would be based on the environmental aspects and the load it carries.

Numerous transformers have reached their life period, which would be around 20 to 40 years, based on their application and usage. Several regulators would not allow their transformers to be replaces based on the age. Rather, they would prefer other aspects such as criticality and asset health for replacing the transformer.

As a result, a majority of private and regulated network operators would look forward to opting for transformateur reconditionné as a suitable substitute for replacement.

Why refurbish instead of a replacement?

In case, you were contemplating the reason for refurbishing a transformer rather than replacing it, let us delve on some of the reasons to support their decision.

  • Saving time and money

The cost of reconditioning a transformer has been deemed relatively lower than purchasing a new one. Apart from cost being an integral aspect, based on the time taken for reconditioning a transformer, you would save significant time as well. The time taken for reconditioning a transformer would be relatively less than the time taken for specifying and buying a new one.

  • Extended life of the transformer

The electricity industry has been constantly encouraged to make appropriate use of resources along with demonstrating the sustainability of the environment. It would be an integral aspect of corporate responsibility. You could prolong the life of the transformer in order to achieve the aforementioned factors. It may be possible to enhance the capacity of the asset by adding more cooling while making sure the transformers have been well within the temperature rise restrictions.

  • The remaining life of the plant

There have been several plants established 20 years back. These plants have been nearing their expected life. Most of these power plants are still operating the transformers for keeping the lights on. Therefore, considering the life of the plants, it would not be worth the investment to install a new transformer.

  • Easily available spare parts

Any transformer replaced for reasons other than complete failure, it would be possible to recondition the old transformer and be kept as a spare.

Any transformer that would be moved from one site to the other could be reconditioned at an appropriate workshop prior to being installed again.

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