Products and Services that You Can Sell Online

Establishing an online store is an economical way to spread the word about your products and cut expenses for paying rent for a physical store. It also avoids spending on transportation for going to work, saving extra cash. However, if you are still looking for ideas to sell online, check out the list below and draw inspiration from them to start your online business.

  • Knowledge. If you’re knowledgeable in a particular field, use that and sell it. Try building an online tutorial or publishing an e-book as a platform for potential buyers to access the information you want to share.
  • Skills. Writing, photography, and video editing are some skills you can offer online to get paid as a home-based worker. You will seldom interact with your employer; therefore, you should be capable of working with minimal supervision.
  • Handcrafts. If you have a talent for creating jewellery or moulding objects into sculptures, you can sell them with a set price or place them for bidding to earn higher revenue.
  • Stocks. For those who know how the stock market works, you can buy and sell stock online as a passive income. Hire a broker to get help from a professional in managing your assets to gain profit.
  • Sell clothes. Selling thrift clothes is a popular scheme in the market. They are affordable, sometimes branded, and in good condition. The quirky designs found at thrift stores also attract those who seek unique items.
  • Beauty products. Hot items in the beauty market are skincare, makeup, and tools. Choose either of the three as your store’s flagship item or include all of them to attract a wider range of customers.
  • Food. While food is perishable, online food service eliminates piles of expired products. Since food is cooked and delivered per order, loss, which is a common problem for physical restaurants, is diminished
  • Old items. You can conduct a seasonal sale, depending on how fast items pile up at home. Make a habit of de-cluttering your place to categorise essential household items and find things you can sell. Selling unused items will help regularly clean up your place while getting extra cash.
  • Customised prints. Use your skills in digital design to sell shirts and other printable goods online. Create readily made designs or offer customers the chance to realise their own ideas on their choice of merchandise. You can partner with a good supplier for personalised hoodies and shirts.
  • Home décor. More people are turning to online stores when buying; use this as a leverage, to start selling household items. You can find items from thrift stores or source wholesalers to stock your online business.
  • Artwork. Depending on how you offer your pieces, all original, hard copy and digital formats of artwork have a corresponding value. There are also crowdfunding websites where fans can support their favourite artist which is exchangeable for drawing requests.

The items mentioned are some products and services you can offer online. While there are other options available, find one that interests you to keep you inspired in doing business online.


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