Managed WordPress Hosting: When do You Really Need it?

Managed WordPress web hosting is a step above standard hosting packages. In this, the hosting provider is more involved with your business. Managed WordPress hosting is known for the enhanced speeds, security and other benefits it provides.

All these benefits do come at an extra cost. Hence, they are not particularly targeted at those who are just starting or someone with a small business or a static web page. Managed WordPress web hosting are for those who own flourishing businesses and for whom security and speed are critical.

We tell you when you should consider going for a managed WordPress hosting-

When speed is important

You should prefer a managed hosting over a regular hosting when the speed of the site is essential. By the speed of the website here, we mean the loading time of pages should be short, and there should be no noticeable lag. All this is possible only when there is enough bandwidth, your server is running the latest software version and is free from malware.

In a managed hosting your provider ensures that all the latest updates are installed and regularly checks for malware and bugs and fixes them. This, in turn, results in shorter load times and better speeds, which boosts the page rankings and customers keep coming back for more.

When security matters

Security is essential when you take your business online. Your website is at risk from DDoS attacks by hackers, viruses and malware. Your website might crash as a result, and your business may suffer.

A managed WordPress web hosting gives you better security than a standard hosting plan. In managed WordPress hosting, your hosting provider ensures that all the latest security patches are installed, and your website is secure from hackers. This ensures that your website and all the data that you have is safe.

When you want to avoid downtime

There are many reasons why a website may crash- from DDoS attacks and viruses to malware. However, what matters is how soon you bounce back up.

You can quickly recover your website from the latest backups. In managed hosting, your web hosting provider schedules regular backups. This ensures that you can go back to the last version of your website in case of any eventuality.

When you need help in managing your online presence

In this, the web hosting provider manages everything from updates to security and backup for you. You do not have to worry about anything. Besides, a managed WordPress hosting also guarantees you the best possible customer experience for your business.

Thus, a managed WordPress web hosting is the better choice if you are too busy to handle the website or lack the technical know-how for it.

Even though a managed WordPress hosting is typically expensive than standard hosting, it is advisable to go for it if the things listed above matter to you. It can help you provide the best customer experience and help your business to flourish and grow in a way that a standard hosting plan cannot.

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