It’s Time You Should Realize the Value of Brand Strategy for Your Photo Shoot

The strongest of images are rooted in story as well strategy. Brand photoshoots are deemed one of the major investments for an entrepreneur, and implementing one with a weak strategy can result in chaos. Just launching your brand with a casual shoot will not delve into deep into the story. It requires careful planning and association with your photographer to come up with the attention grabbing business portraits photography. So, before you approach your photographer, make sure you are able to articulate to them a solid brand strategy. Meet them deliberately to discuss your message so as to capture the essence in your photos, make the brand principles and values understood, and type of target market included.

When this brand strategy is discussed face to face and heart to heart prior to the photoshoot, provide your photographer an insight they require to create images with substance to establish a connection with your audience. This type of brand clarity assists in positioning yourself differently from your competitors, determining the locations, props, and the stories.

What if my brand isn’t defined yet?

Branding is about sorting out who you are and what makes you stand out than the rest in the marketplace. If you haven’t figured out yet, consider hiring a branding coach or invest in a branding course. If not possible, have a look at the template listed below to bring you clarity and flow in your business ranging from your sales pitch to your social media. Ask yourself the following important questions and take your time to answer them:

  1. Product/Service: What are you selling?
  2. Purpose: Why are you doing this work?
  3. Values: What do you believe in?
  4. Client: Who is your ideal customer?
  5. Problem: What are they your clients striving with?
  6. End Result: What problem are you trying to solve?
  7. Personality: What are you and your brand like?
  8. Mood: How do you want your client to feel?
  9. Style: What is the look or feel of your brand?
  10. Message: What is your one key story that you want your client to know/learn?
  11. Expertise: What do you specialize in and want your brand to be famous for?
  12. Process: How do you work with your clients?
  13. Differentiator: What is your point of difference and how do you stand out than the rest in the market?
  14. Vision: What is your future goal for your business?
  15. Key words: What are 3-5 words to describe the tone of your brand?

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