How Your Business Can Keep Customers Longterm

by Alex Schnee

While every business might experience a one-off client or two, it can be much better if you have the opportunity to keep a customer on retainer. Having that stability can go a long way toward helping your grow your business the right way, and it also gives you the assurance that your processes are working correctly.


So how do you manage to keep clients over an extended period of time? Here are some ways you can create a customer success journey that helps clients stick around.

Share your processes

The more open you are about how you run your business, the more likely you are going to have customers that feel loyal to you. You don’t have to explain every single detail that goes into making your business tick, but it doesn’t hurt to give them an overview of how you create deliverables, when they can expect them, and more. If you have an initial call, this can be a good time to go over everything and make sure that they are aware of when they should receive results.

Answer any questions

You’re also going to want to be available to answer any questions that might crop up. Depending on your industry, you might be answering more questions than others. You might have some clients who are completely new to your types of services, which means you might have to spend more time with them than those who are more experienced. It’s important to remain patient and to establish that positive relationship that will end up serving you both in the long run.

Provide additional resources

Another way you can show customers that you are invested in them staying is to provide additional resources on your website or that you can send them. These might be in the form of blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and more. Sometimes, difficult topics can be better explained through writing or videos than over a simple call. Your content team should be looking into the main questions that your clients have and they should be making an effort to answer questions that might crop up.

Follow up for feedback

This can be one of the best ways that you can determine whether or not your onboarding process is working correctly. If you contact clients and you find that they are still confused about how you do things, then it can be a sign that you need to develop a better process for find out their needs for your services, additional resources, and more. This feedback isn’t just important for one or two specific clients—it can also help you to improve your relationships with all future customers, as well.

In summary

It can take work to establish those partnerships that will end up supporting your business in the longterm, but they are necessary in order to grow. By taking a deeper look into your onboarding process, you are more likely to have a system that works at establishing better relationships.

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