How to Select and Access Tile Distributor and Products Supplied

There are various types of tactile surfaces applied on surfaces to ensure the safety of road users. The products are made of quality, strong material and are applied on pavements. To access tiles distributors and purchase the best suitable tactile tiles that will serve the purpose, you should understand what you should consider. Tactile tiles were developed to improve safety, prevent discrimination and ensure people with disabilities are taken care of. Their installation has set standards and requirements that are supposed to be fulfilled to ensure they are effective.

Many manufacturers and distributors offer tactile products. Some of the main things they aim at are ensuring the distribution of quality products and providing good customer services. Experienced and professional distributors know how to handle their client’s needs and offer products at affordable prices. Some of the properties of the tactile products provided include replaceability, good quality and compliance to the set regulations and standards. A perfect choice of distributor and manufacture requires considerations of various factors, with the main one being whether they meet the regulations set by the government.

Types of Products Offered by Distributors and Manufactures of Tiles

Tactile tiles are made in different sizes, colours and have different purposes when installed on surfaces. In addition, the tiles are designed to fit various locations. Below are examples of the different tiles and systems offered.

  1. Cast in Place Replaceable Tiles

This type of tile is designed to be replaced after use and after it has gone through wear and tear. The replaceable tiles have an anchoring system installed on the ground surface, usually on cured concrete. They are also fastened on the ground using bolts.

  1. Cast in Place Tiles

This type of tiles is installed by pressing them onto wet surfaces such that it is reinforced onto the surface once it dries off. They are also made from long-lasting composite material in nine allowed colours.

  1. Surface Applied Tiles

Surface tiles are placed on surfaces by using adhesives and sealants. They are also anchored to the ground using bolts. Thus, they are suitable for already constructed surfaces.

  1. Radius systems

These are curved types of tiles tactile systems. These tiles are installed on curved surfaces. The tiles are usually easy to cut to make them easy to cut and quickly installed on the surface.

  1. Way-finding Surfaces

The way-finding surfaces have tactile tiles installed to help pedestrians move from one place to another and crossroads. In addition, they are made of directional bars to assist individuals with visual impairment to find their way through the sense of touch.


Manufacturers and distributors who deal with products that satisfy set requirements and regulations attract more customers. The tile suppliers also have to assist clients in choosing the most suitable product and offering guidance on their installation. Other than the provision of quality durable products, the various distributors aim to ensure that their clients are satisfied and that the range of products supplied is functional.

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