How to Draw the Attention of a Venture Capitalist with Mark Hauser

The role of a venture capitalist is not neatly defined. They look for opportunities, and when they find them, they leverage the finances afforded by their limited partners to invest in potential. While many startups struggle to find financial backing, working with a venture capitalist is one way to make things work.

Mark Hauser is the leading voice at Hauser Private Equity, where he has played a pivotal role in supporting many businesses throughout the years. Whether a cash-strapped start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to make things work, Hauser advocates the following ideas to best find success and funding.

Core Traits Venture Capitalists Are Looking to Invest In

Venture capitalists are looking for opportunities as much as they are looking for growth potential. Startup investors are beholden to many funding solicitations from businesses in both the seed stage and early stage of their growth. To find a matching venture capitalist, Hauser advocates taking a closer look at the following points.

Defined Goods and Services

First and foremost, Mark Hauser believes it to be of the utmost importance that a business finds out and defines exactly what it is that they have to offer. Businesses will face fierce competition for funding, so they should take time to adequately define what it is that they have to offer. Hauser believes that startups should take time to demonstrate the real-world applications that their product offers.

Knowledgeable and Passionate Team

With a variety of businesses all competing for the same pool of start-up capital, what will set one company apart from the next? Take a stroll through Twitter, and you’ll come to realize the importance of passionate and knowledgeable leaders.

Startup investors want to see proof that there is organizational work being done by leaders in positions of power. Mark Hauser stresses that it is important that teams understand how to overcome challenges as they arrive.

Ethical Foundation of Sustainable Practices

Businesses must now more than ever cater to an audience interested in ethical and sustainable outcomes. Corporate leaders are increasingly looking to appeal to the ethical and sustainable operations that most Gen Z and Millennial shoppers prefer.

Mark Hauser believes that it is important for businesses to focus on communal efforts, charity drives, and other efforts pertaining to the environment. When all of these factors are included together, Hauser suggests that it is easier for a company to find funding.

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