How to Design an E-commerce Store Landing Page

If you are looking to update your e-commerce store or build a new one, then you will need to take the time to consider your landing pages and how you can design them to direct users toward a sale. It often takes some extra thought and time to create a landing page that converts, and there are some certain elements you want to make sure to include so you get the results you want.

Here are some tips to help you design your landing page.

Know where your traffic is coming from

The first thing you will want to think about when you are looking to design your landing page is where you are getting most of your potential customers from. Have they been following you on your social media channels for a while or are they just discovering you for the first time from an ad or through search? When you know where you are getting your traffic from, you are likely to have an easer time designing a page that converts.

Test it out

If you have the time and resources, it’s absolutely worth testing your page to see if users know how to complete the action of purchasing your products. You might want to use a method like headless commerce, which allows you to test different iterations of your design without it having to go live on your site. Testing allows you to see which areas of user interaction might not be working properly and if your customers will have any trouble completing the final task of buying your products or services. When you are spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars running ads to your landing page, you want to make sure that your customers know what to do.

Provide product information

Without information, it can be incredible difficult for customers to know whether or not they are making the right purchasing decision. You need to be able to provide some insight into what it is your product does, how it can help your customer achieve a goal, and the results that they can expect. This is also where testimonials from other clients can make a big difference since it can show them how your product can make an impact on their lives.

Make checkout simple

Once your customers have reached the final step, you need to know that they won’t run into any hiccups when it comes to the checkout process. This is often where most customers abandon their purchase, and you want to give them everything they need in order to make that sale happen. Provide multiple payment options, a money-back guarantee, and a simple payment form that is similar to others that they might have used on other sites in the past.

In summary

The design of your landing page can determine whether or not you make that final sale, and you want it to look professional. By testing different methods, you can come up with a landing page that converts the way you want it to.

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