How to Come Up with a Good Photo Book Layout

The layout design in any photo book is essential in enhancing the story’s flow. Of all the considerations, it is crucial to consider composition when designing a good photobook layout. With the following tips, it will be easy to produce photo books with the best structure that attracts any viewer and efficiently shares your story.

Avoid Overcrowding

When it comes to designing a layout, understand that less is more. This means that you don’t have to crowd many photos in a single format or page. It would be better to use one image for every page to allow the picture to take center stage. However, this can be determined by the size of the photo book you wish to produce.

Ensure That Your Page Designs Vary

In cases where you have to use more than one picture on each page of your photo book, ensure that the spreads are not similar to avoid the viewer getting bored. You can do so by reutilizing the layout, but not consecutively. Besides, you can also modify the configuration and use it on a different page, making it look different.

Come up With a Focal Point

If you place multiple photos on a layout of equal photo boxes, you miss out on having a focal point. There are several outstanding photos that you might feel need to be highlighted. Spreading out your photos on multiple pages will help with that problem. This will make your layout more organized and eye-catching.

Let Your Story Flow

Of course, a photo book has a story to tell. The organization of your photos should be done in a way that the information flows efficiently. You can ensure this by categorizing pictures that make sense together or arranging the photos chronologically for an event-based book. To develop such a layout, you need to edit your photos and select only the best ones that will articulate the story you desire to convey.

Do Your Preparations in Advance

A good layout will only be achieved if you do your prep work ahead of time. You can imagine uploading 1000 photos and trying to choose the best out of it. You will lose your mind. You can do this before and sort out your best pictures in a separate folder where it will be easier to upload them and configure the best layout.

Mistakes to avoid

To ensure that the layout of your photo book is outstanding, please avoid the following mistakes.

Avoid placing faces near the book’s bidding as the chances are that the face will be printed on a separate page and, therefore, might not completely line up.

Any text should also not be included in the gutter area. Some texts can be lost through the binding, making the entire text meaningless or telling something different.

Although some stickers such as overlays and flourishes can do fine over the gutters, please look out for actual object images that may not line up correctly over the binding area.

In conclusion, giving thoughtful consideration to your book’s layout is vital in ensuring a smooth book-making process and ensures that the end product is well presented and catchy to the viewer’s eyes. If you are ready to get a high-quality and customized photo book, you can use Mixbook and create a perfect book just for you.

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