How to choose the best schools for your children?

Every parent demand quality education for their children. It is a top priority for every parent as Pune is an educational hub of India. Every year, a large number of students joined many institutions to get qualitative education. Hence it would help if you placed your children at Top schools in Pune. But choosing is a very tough job, but not anymore. Here you will receive a guide to choose the best schools.

Deciding a school implies you to put the child in the long and winding way of learning. Hence these paths need to be chosen wisely and carefully. With the rise in several schools to select the best school is essential to provide better education to your children.

Steps to choose the best school for your children

  • Proximity

It is informed to look for the best schools, which are nearer to your residence. It is necessary from a safety perspective to prevent your child from enduring the sufferings of repeated discomfort from a long journey while traveling to the school and coming back every day. Hence being a responsible parent, you need to look after the child’s comfort and make sure that the school is located near, making it easy to reach in the shortest possible time.

  • Fees

Many parents cannot afford to enroll their children at the most expensive and private or international schools assuming it to be best, due to their exorbitant fees and an impressive form of hi-tech facilities.

But this is a misconception in India, and this is always not true. There are many reputed schools in cities all over India. These schools are cheaper and provide quality education to children. Hence choosing top schools in Pune, you need to know about the education quality instead of looking at expensive or international schools.

  • Extracurricular activities and academic

A child learns from their experience and learning during their formative years, which stays with them forever. The school needs to meet the highest standards of excellence with the quality of teaching, teachers, and teaching methodology. The academic curriculum and moral standards need to be the priority.

Extracurricular activities such as outdoor games, hobby ideas, art and craft, dance and drama classes, and physical education. These activities play a significant part in shaping a children’s personality. This quality at a school makes them be the top schools in Pune.

  • The ratio of teacher and student

It is essential to look at the balance, as every class needs children in a minimum quantity. With 20 children in a course to the ratio of 1 teacher gives your children an increased number of chances to focus.

According to research, it was proved that students learn more in a smaller class. They have higher grades and performs well at their exam and in other non-academic activities.

One teacher with every 30-35 students in each class is a compulsory norm for schools as a thumb rule.

  • Clean Environment

When things come to your children, a hygienic and clean environment is essential. As a parent, you need to focus on this. Things such as outdoor games were safe or not? Do the nanny takes good care of your child, and the peon does they have any bad intention. These things were necessary for children to look after while providing a school to your children.

  • Discipline

This is an essential factor to look for while choosing a school for your children. A school with a high amount of penalty is necessary. This makes the child imbibes the right values and takes responsibility for their actions as a stressful school environment affects children learning capacity. Hence it is essential to choose schools with a disciplined environment.

All these things are important to look for while on the path to choose the top schools in Pune. All these are the most crucial factor that allows your children to learn effectively and have a healthy future.

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