Get Smart About Your Travel. Here Are Things To Look at Before Taking That Flight

Air travel can be stressful—but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve listed a few things to do before your next take-off so you can relax and be prepared. Obviously, don’t forget to get your travel insurance cover.

  1. Get your airline’s app

Unless you’re checking a bag, don’t wait in line at the airport check-in desk or use a fingerprint-smudged kiosk. Download your airline’s app ahead of time, check in, and confirm your reservation.

  1. Airline credit card

Don’t fly enough? Airline credit cards can save you money on luggage and help you get overhead bin space first.

  1. Plan status

If you want gold, silver, or platinum airline status this year, make sure your frequent-flier number is on all your airline reservations. Due to alliances, your airline may be partners with the one you fly more often. Every flight earns airline miles toward status.

  1. Consider other aircraft

Even within an airline’s fleet of jets, seats and amenities can vary greatly. To ensure you’re flying the plane you want, check the airline’s aircraft type and seat map.

  1. Evaluate seating

Your flight’s detailed seat maps can help you make sure your window or aisle seat isn’t too close to the galley or lavatories, which can be noisy and smelly.

  1. Organize

Aggregator apps consolidate flight statuses, check-in times, gate numbers, and nearby lounge locations and notify you of schedule and gate changes. Also, be sure to get flight insurance.

  1. Real-time reports

Airline apps rarely know when things go wrong. Aggregator apps track flight statuses, on-time performance, weather conditions, and your aircraft’s flight history in real-time so you can be the first to know if your flight is delayed or rebooked.

  1. Remember liquid lowdown

Every country has a limit to the amount of liquid you can carry onboard a flight. Be sure to check this, so you don’t have to throw your lotion/perfume away.

  1. Measure your bag

Many airlines have strict carry-on bag size limits, which gate agents strictly enforce. Check your airline’s bag size limits at home.

  1. Gather devices

Check power cords. More travellers now bring more and more electronics. There are many organiser cases to keep your devices and cables handy for security screening. To ensure peace of mind, buy travel insurance online.

  1. Remove the batteries

Since January 2018, airlines have banned smart luggage batteries over fire concerns. If gate-checked, your bag’s battery pack must be removable. Don’t leave that battery pack at home. Your aeroplane seat’s power ports may not work.

  1. Grab-and-go

Hate aeroplane food but are afraid you’ll miss boarding waiting in an airport restaurant line? Order on the way to the airport and pick it up without stopping.

  1. Connect for free!

Hackers target airports’ free Wi-Fi. VPNs protect. And you can always buy travel insurance online.

  1. Relax

Why wait at the gate when a lounge has free Wi-Fi and snacks? A lot of debit and credit cards offer lounge access. Be sure to check them out.

  1. Dress comfortably

Aeroplane cabin temperatures fluctuate between icebox and toaster oven, with no comfortable middle ground. Wear multiple light layers and look stylish in any situation.

  1. Stick your neck out

Ergonomics are disappearing quickly as airlines pack more seats into the coach. Travel pillow technology has improved, with options for every sitter and sleeper. And if anything happens, there’s always domestic travel insurance.

  1. BYOB

Bring an empty travel water bottle to avoid single-use plastic. Some are collapsible to save space, and more airports have water bottle filling stations next to drinking fountains.

  1. Clean everything

Airports and aeroplanes are the germiest because so many people touch everything. Once settled, use disinfecting wipes on your hands and aeroplane seat to protect yourself.

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