Four Things to Consider when Buying Plastic Pallets

If you are shipping and storing products, you certainly would want to choose plastic pallets. But despite the durability of this plastic solution, you need to think about some things before you invest in plastic pallets. When investing in this type of pallets, pay attention to the following:

The Materials

If you are like other companies, you may want to join the green movement and contribute to efforts in saving the planet. Because of this, try to determine where your pallet manufacturer obtains their materials. Focus on purchasing pallets that are made from recycled plastic. The best plastic pallets are those that can be recycled once they reach the end of their lifespan.  Check out for the right material.

Static Load and Dynamic Capacity

These plastic pallet specifications refer to the amount of weight they can carry when not in the move against when they are being lifted or moved. If you are using plastic pallets only for storage, consider their static load information. But, if you are to be moved or lifted frequently while holding products, consider their dynamic capacity or the amount of weight they can carry while being moved around.

Where they are Heading To

Pallet manufacturers make their products using a range of plastics. These plastics possess unique characteristics and purposes. For instance, a number of them are made to be antibacterial or food-grade.

If you are using the pallets for shipping products across state and international borders, ensure you buy pallets acceptable for all the states and countries they are bound to go. This is usually the case when you ship products like pharmaceuticals, foods, and biological materials. Keep in mind that some countries have very strict quarantine rules.

Their Ability to be Stacked

If you need to stack your pallets, think about how well they stack on top of one another. You may have to stack them to maximize your limited space. Another way to get the most out of your space in terms of plastic pallets is by nesting them within each other.

After considering the following factors it is time to look for the right plastic pallet supplier. Always choose a company that has been in business for many years and with a solid reputation in keeping their customers and clients happy. You want to be sure about the quality of pallets you are expecting to get. The best supplier should have many employees dedicated to offering world-class products.

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