Does Responsive Web Design Really Benefit Your SEO

A website is a means of promotion for brand awareness for companies. The website for some stores is an online impression of the store. Therefore, the website must deliver what the customers are looking for in it. The main idea of the website is to let brands reach out to their customers and through websites customers should be able to know the company’s services are.

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What is a responsive website design?

The website should be user friendly. Most of the websites are restricted to be used on mobile phones, which is the opposite of being user-friendly. Websites should be made responsive to mobile users because almost everyone has mobile phones with internet access nowadays. It has been reported that people mostly use their smartphones for e-commerce activities.

A good responsive website design should be able to provide convenience to the customers and be able to optimize the content of the site.

Why should the Website be mobile responsive?

Reasons to make websites mobile responsive designs:

  • To improve the usability of the site

If the users are not being able to access the website or navigate through it, they will have the impression that the company does not care about customer convenience. Therefore, they prefer to go to another brand’s site.

  • Faster and speed page loading

The website should be optimized to make them load as quickly as possible. A fast loading website or page makes the experience of customers visiting the page better. The users would not want to spend hours waiting for the website to load no matter how interested or appealing they find the brand.

  • To decrease the bounce rate

The content of your site should also be interesting and appealing that leaves the site visitors with the want to know more about it and they revisit the website for more updates. If your site visitors are engaged in your site for a short time, then your site’s bounce rate tends to be high.

  • Less duplicated content

Detected duplicity of content might affect your ranking. Having separate URLs for mobile and desktop-based sites would still mean the contents are the same. Mobile responsive design deals with the duplicity of content. Therefore, even though the content is viewed on mobile or desktop, the URL does not change when the website is optimized.

  • Site sharing

Through mobile phones, it is much easier for customers to share sites amongst their known people. With more people knowing about the brand, it is an added and free promotion for the brand directly affecting the sales of the company.


It is the role of the website to allow the viewers to access its content. If the businesses are not using mobile-friendly website optimization, then it is losing some of its potential customers just because they cannot access the website.

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