Choosing the Right Custom Shipping Box Design for your Business

When running a business, you need solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. This is especially essential in terms of packaging and shipping. The wrong packaging solution can compromise your product and reduce your efficiency. That is why you must make the right decision.

Custom solutions don’t need to be expensive. Custom shipping boxes from provide everything you need to protect your goods during shipment. Read to learn about the benefits of these boxes and the factors to help you choose the right box design for you:

Reasons for Using Custom Shipping Boxes

Reputable shipping manufacturers have both UN-rated hazmat and non-hazmat options. Thus, you can be confident that your shipping boxes will provide the tested specifications and performance you need. Their full selection of custom cardboard boxes lets you choose the format that suits your needs and provides the right features. Also, their selection may include a variety of fiberboard thicknesses. Picking the right thickness lets you cut excess weight and may save you money on fuel costs. Finally, they provide custom printing on their box panels, letting you bring your box alive with designs and add essential information.

What to Think About When Picking Box Design

If you have decided to use custom shipping boxes, it is time to decide the box design that meets your requirements. The first thing to consider is the interior dimensions you need for shipping your products. Make sure to account for packaging materials that will go in the box. Another consideration is the materials category of the products you want to ship. If you are shipping goods in the UN hazardous materials category, keep in mind that this will impact the type of box you need. With some manufacturers, you may need to meet their minimum order requirements and manufacturing timeline to allow for UN/DOT testing.

Moreover, you must consider the strength rating of the fiberboard you need. Shipping boxes are available in a wide range of board strength. Lastly, consider if you need custom printing. This can effectively represent your brand and offer useful information for handlers and customers.

Common Box Designs

Established box manufacturers provide a wide selection of high-performance shipping box designs. Below are the most popular ones:

  • Regular slotted. Classic corrugated shipping boxes have flaps that meet in the middle. They are ideal for general use, commercial applications, storage, and archiving.
  • Full overlap. These are the best box design if you want boxes with extra strength. Their top and bottom flaps overlap fully, offering extra reinforcement.
  • Die-cut carton. This box design features a fold-up and die-cut slots and tabs that lock together. It is ideal for shipping garments.

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