Business Travelers – Check Out the Factors That Matters the Most

Hotel’s business mix primarily constitutes of two segments namely leisure and business travellers. Both the mixes have different wants, travel patterns and needs. In order to ensure that you generate maximum revenue, you have to understand the business mixes. In this article, you will learn about the important points that need to be taken care of before proceeding ahead.

When it comes to business travellers, location is the key. They have scheduled meetings and presentations regularly. This is the reason why hotel’s location is a top priority. A hotel that is close to convention centre or conference hall will let them focus more on the meeting and less on traveling time.

Good internet connection

Business travellers use their devices like laptops and mobiles to stay connected to their colleagues and clients. Hence, it is crucial for them to easily access their emails, open large file attachments quickly or join a business meeting in an instant. If the hotel is not offering you Wi-Fi or proper internet connection, it would not be an ideal accommodation for business meetings.

The frequency of business travels are quite high and businessmen do not prefer spending much time on the booking process. This is the reason why business travellers stick with a particular hotel for many years. In fact a hotel loyalty program would have more than 65% of business travellers. To attract more customers and ensure they remain connected, many hotels offer special offers, free services and upgrades. Many sites like offer such discounts.

Leisure travellers on the other hand are more price sensitive. According to the recent survey, more than 63% of leisure travellers are price sensitive as compared to business travellers. They spend sufficient amount of time to choose the right hotel from the list of options available.

More about reviews and recommendations

The leisure travellers keep recommendations and reviews under consideration. They will go through customers review and check whether the hotel offers good quality service within budget to their clients. If a hotel has large amount of negative reviews, none of the user will prefer to book a room. The hoteliers need to ensure that they respond and try to resolve reviews on a daily basis to maintain their credit rating. Not only this, hoteliers could encourage a hotel referral program to offer great benefits. They could have a point based system which will offer upgrades or discounts to their guests.

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