Benefits of International Shipping for Small Companies

The surprising thing about the benefits to small companies of international shipping is that there are any at all! There is a widespread ignorance among many small companies that international shipping is something that simply isn’t feasible or affordable until the company sees serious growth. This is not true.

In fact, it is one of the ways a small company can actually achieve serious growth; and we should all be aware just how bad stagnation is for a company of any size. In fact, it sinks more small ecommerce companies than does financial disaster or declining sales.

There are several things about going global which puts off many small companies. Firstly, they often believe that they don’t have the resources for it. The other thing is that all the tax implications and legal restrictions involved in cross-border commerce can appear very complex and unmanageable.

Both things can be true, but the take-away point is that they do not have to be. Preferred Shipping, experts in international shipping for small business, say that expanding into other countries is actually one of the ways small companies can realize growth and make it happen – not one of the things which can only happen after growth.

The reason for this is simply that there are many advantages to international shipping. And specific ones for small companies at that. Of course, it is still something of a step-up for the smallest companies, but it is not impossible.

Before Investing in International Shipping

Of course, there are a few things about your company that should be settled before you make the step up to international shipping. It can come much earlier than many think, but not right at the start.

Certainly, you should have some degree of steady profits and a regular customer base before you make moves to expand it by reaching customers abroad. More important still is having a healthy cash flow. You will need extra revenue to invest in international shipping, and you should only do this if you can comfortably meet your financial obligations month on month.

Benefits of International Shipping for Small Companies

So, we have said enough to dispel the ignorance that international shipping is not an option for small companies. But you might still be wondering why, indeed, you should take this investment. Here follow some top advantages:

Reach More Customers

Well, obviously. But there is more to this than just being able to reach foreign markets as well as domestic ones. For example, you might have a very specific niche. That’s a good thing and ensures a dedicated customer base who are interested in your product. However, depending on how small your niche is, it might be wise to expand it by reaching customers abroad.

Grows Brand Awareness

By engaging with global markets, you can grow your brand awareness abroad. You will also see more traffic to your ecommerce site from other countries once it becomes possible to ship to them. All of that simply makes you more known and sets you on the path to becoming a global brand.

Offers Flexibility

To keep up with the ecommerce giants, you have to offer every convenience to customers where fulfilment and delivery is concerned. By shipping abroad, you expand your delivery options.

Reduce Seasonal Slumps

This works best when you sell on the other side of the equator. It is winter there when it’s summer here, and that means no more sales slumps if you sell seasonally sensitive goods.

For small- to medium-sized businesses, international shipping is not only more feasible than it ever has been – it’s more profitable too.

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