Attention Marketers – Here’s how you can acquire more customers

With every web design and development business out there producing online content, marketing campaigns, generating sales, and getting new customers, growing your business can be fiercely competitive. That is why you should look closely at eCommerce website development so that you attract the right clientele and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

A recent finding published by the University of Denmark suggests that the abundance of information presented to the public can narrow your collective attention span. People have an attention span of around eight seconds, which is the given time for your marketing strategy to shine. With the arrival of the pandemic, brands have faced a significant amount of challenges in reworking their strategy and keeping up with the shift in consumer attention span. Attention marketing can make a huge difference when leaning out and connecting with potential buyers. Here are a few ways you can acquire most customers.

What is attention marketing?

Attention marketing is a type of online marketing that has a goal to engage with clients and acquire new customers through a cost-effective medium like social media. Traditional forms of marketing while good isn’t always effective and may bring in ten of the hundred consumers you have connected with. This not only makes it harder to push for sales but ends up being quite expensive. Attention marketing for a web design and development agency focuses on four important stages, namely attention, getting the interest, desire, and action. These can be broken down further in the way of a few examples. Take a look.

  • Providing snackable content

What is snackable content? It is information that is well spaced out and comes in bits and pieces. It is fun, engaging, and easily grabs attention. A perfect example of this would be a quick article, a video, or an infographic for social media. It helps you educate your audience about the particular product or service quickly without taking up much of their time. This video by Steven Johnson is a combination of illustrations and handwritten text, it identifies the problem of the customers, challenges and provides expert information while making it sound engaging and fun. Videos and even reels are a great way to keep your page looking clean and engaging.

  • Create visual content and compelling copy

Viral campaigns attract a lot of attention and shares! They have become quite popular because visuals touch your audience on a deeper level – and help get an emotion out of them. Dollar Shave skyrocketed their sales and views with a simple video. When creating visual content for your eCommerce website development remember to first think of a unique and creative idea. Keep brainstorming and come up with a concept your audience can connect to. Tell a story, communicate an experience, and if your content doesn’t end up going viral, keep trying at it.

  • Keep up with the current news

A new trend or a piece of informative news has a readymade audience that comes with it, as people are always talking about this topic in real-time. In web design and development, you can take a hot topic and create an infographic, a survey, a video, gifs, memes, or a blog post to help your customers participate in the content. A good example of this would be Slack. When Slack came up with a trending survey during the COVID-19 phase to understand how companies and employees are responding. Such type of content is not just shareable but attracts the audience’s attention as it is relevant and valuable.

  • Research Influencers and how you can use them

A great way to get more people to engage with your brand is to hire some well known influencers. Influencers share different topics related to travel, lifestyle, food, sports, and more and have an organic following of people they engage with on a daily basis. By hiring an influencer, you can acquire better customers, build credibility for your brand, and even drive sales. Hotels are collaborating with travel influencers to increase their brand likes and get thousands of positive comments and sales. Influencer marketing can help you reach a wider audience, grow your following, build trust and credibility for your brans, get more leads, and drive more sales.

Final thoughts,

The right web design and development company can resolve a lot of your marketing woes by focusing on attention marketing. One of the easiest ways to stand out from the competition is to make your content both copy and visually exciting and relevant. That is why you should always collaborate with an eCommerce website development company that keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and sticks to your brand values to get a positive reaction from your target audience.

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