8 Reasons Why People Prefer Pressure Treated Lumber

As any building material, this kind of pressure treated lumber may offer number of unique advantages over natural wood lumber and also other common building materials. Following are 8 different advantages for preferring this kind of lumber as any building material for any of your next project.

  • Moisture resistance

Any pressure treated lumber applies number of chemical compounds that are based on copper and copper being a natural biocide can protect the lumber from fungus or any other microorganisms, which may cause wood decay, particularly in moist environment.

  • Fungal resistance

As mentioned above this pressure treated lumbers are treated with copper-based compounds, e.g. copper azole or alkaline copper quaternary to prevent any fungal growth. There are few other compounds also added that provide insect resistance.

  • Insect resistance

The presence of copper compounds and also additional chemicals e.g. borate or sometimes arsenic compounds are also added to make it further resistant to any insect activity in the pressure treated lumbers.

  • Fire resistance

Any wood-based buildings are always under the threats of any fire damage. Therefore, during pressure-treating process certain insecticides and fungicides is injected into wood grain, which are fire-retardant chemicals and therefore any pressure treated lumber may offer resistance to fire damage.

  • Variety of sizes

Pressure treated lumbers are available in many different sizes to suit different kinds of applications. You can get them in standard dimensions like 2 X 4, 2 X 6 or 2 X 10 sizes. Also, you can get them in many different cross sections like 4 X 4 or 4 X 6 and also in round cross-sections.

  • Durability

Compared to any natural wood, this pressure treated lumbers can last much longer in any kind of environment like consistent moisture too. Also, compared to any other materials like stone or concrete, it is too light and compared to steel, it will never get oxidized.

  • Easy to use

Like any other wood products, this pressure treated lumbers can be easily cut to any size by using a saw, you can use fasteners like nails that can penetrate easily. You can also drill quite easily, and also use routers to shape it.

  • Cost

Compared to any natural wood, this pressure treated woods are more expensive. However, their cost can be well justified because of the resistance it provides against water, fungal growth, microorganisms or insect damage. If you compare its cost with other materials like stone, aluminum, steel and concrete then you will find it much less expensive to buy and install.

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